• You can now Book Online

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    We have been very pleased with the results of our new online booking option. Our patients tell us that it is much easier to visualise appointment availability when booking online than over the phone.

    Book Online

    Click here to visit the online booking page

  • Vouchers make great Christmas presents

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    Why not give a voucher for a massage appointment or a series of massage appointments as a fantastic and interesting Christmas present.

    We can help with nicely printed colour vouchers for your friends and loved ones…

    Call reception on 01403 276272 or contact us here to arrange your vouchers!!!

    Christmas Sports Madssage Vouchers

  • Warwick joins the Movember movement

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    Click to donate to Warwick’s Movember charity page

  • First draft of our new leaflet

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    Click to download the leaflet in PDF format

  • Massage during and after Pregnancy.

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    Call to book an appointment on 01403 276272

    During the weekend of the 10th & 11th September I went on a Pregnancy Massage Course.
    Jenny Burrell , a renowned Pregnancy & Post Natal Holistic Health & Fitness Specialist taught the course.  Jenny runs her own clinic in West London where she offers exercises, massage and health advice to women during this unique phase in theirlives.
    I would really like to thank Jenny for teaching such a well presented and exciting course, and thanks to the North London School of Sports Massage for their hospitality.

    Having ┬ácompleted the course, I’m really excited about the great opportunity to now provide this essential and beneficial treatment for our patients.

    If you are pregnant and would like to book an appointment or know someone who would benefit from an appointment, call reception on 01403 276272, to book now.